Purchase your own unique channeled spirit-infused painting

Doing commissions is a true joy of mine.

I call my commissions “Spirit” paintings.

These unique paintings are renderings of your spirit, those of a loved one, your guides, or anything else that I can “channel” captured on canvas. To create these paintings, I access the Akashic Records where I am given guidance.

THE PROCESS: The process for either type of painting is similar. We set up a time to talk about your commission and what type you want, including the size. Then, I start working. Usually, a commission takes a couple of months. Because of the types of paintings I do, I do not show you the painting until it is completely finished. You just have to trust me.

CANVAS SIZE: I work on either gallery wrapped canvas or wood panel with approximately a 1.5 inch profile. The minimum size of a commission is 16x20 which costs $450 plus shipping if applicable. Other possible sizes are:

20x20 which costs $550
18x24 which costs $600
20x24 which costs $650
24x24 which costs $775
And bigger sizes. . .

DEPOSIT: I request a 15% non-refundable deposit.

MY GUARANTEE: I want everyone to be happy with their paintings, so if you do not like the painting, you do not have to take it. I only keep the deposit. Of course, once you take it home, it’s yours.

THE SMALL PRINT: Coupons do not apply.

If you would like your own custom painting, please text or call me at 559-269-2506.

What people say about their commissioned paintings.

The commissioned painting of my father that Lori did for me embodies pure unconditional love because you connected with him while you painted it. The piece looks like a portal, and feels like one too.

Lori also did paintings of my guides.  My guides told me to reach out to Lori to paint them. I feel connected to their wisdom when I look at them. I use them as sort of a bindi point to focus or ask further guidance while working on clients. Everyone who comes into my office feels the frequency of the paintings and can describe who each one is!

Jessica Garcia

The commission is very special to me. Both paintings give me a sense of expansiveness and connection to that which is greater than how I sometimes see myself. The Akashic message written on the back was an added bonus! Every time I read it, I am reminded of who I am and my purpose on this earthly plane.

Lindsay Taylor Shifflet

If you aren’t ready for a commission, you can still Discover a beautiful piece of original art to add to your collection.